Volunteering/Sewa:-  There is always plenty to be done towards the upkeep of the premises and during celebrations.  To get involved, please contact the committee via e-mail or speak to any of the committee members at our events to find out more.

Email Address
Most of you may have the e-mail facility in which case please do let Panditji have your e-mail address. It would help us to keep you informed about the temple events and activities on a more regular basis and send you the circulars thus saving the temple a huge amount of effort and money. Please do help us to help you. 

We would like to extend the use of e-mail as a great way of telling people about up-coming events, if you don't have an e-mail address at the moment, why don't you have us create you one and then you can use this all the time. All e-mail addresses would be created within the temple name, that is to say bristolhindutemple@hotmail.co.uk. This service is provided free to all members.

Contact us for more info